BrandingIn today’s competitive market, no concept is as important as that of brand marketing. Every marketing strategy and gimmick is ultimately designed to sell your brand. It could be print, electronic ads or it could be the digital development of your brand. In the end, it is the company brand that will stay with your consumer and raise your market profile, eventually bringing a boost in your sales.

ClicksUSA is one of the leading brand consultant firms in Miami. Based in Florida, our brand consulting firm designs and develops brands for a diverse range of clients. We apply our comprehensive brand development strategy to come up with a process that helps you realize your company vision.


We follow a four pronged approach – defining goals, studying the market, developing the concept and evolving to change with the times.

  • Define Goals: –  We involve our clients in deciding the goals of the campaign. What is their vision for the company? What kind of image do they want? Who is their target audience and what is their message? Once we understand our client, we can then move on to developing their brand.
  • Market Research–  Once we have defined the market, our banding consultants start their market research. This includes determining the target audience’s age group, income bracket, gender, preferences, openness to new concept etc.
  • Develop Concept. :– Next comes the brainstorming session. This involves the creative side of brand development. The design, color, fonts, styles and even the mediums are defined and then worked on. This eventually has to pass our clients’ approval.
  • Evolve:–  Our work does not end with just the implementation. We constantly monitor the brand’s performance to find ways of improving. By gauging feedback and sales, we can come back and rework where necessary.


We are a leading brand-consulting firm and offer our clients the benefit of our expertise and long experience. We promise

  • Timely delivery
  • Open and swift communication
  • Involvement of the client’s vision
  • Innovative ideas that is fresh and modern
  • A comprehensive and flexible campaign that takes into account the various advertising media
  • Reasonable prices
  • Experience in brand marketing
  • Some of the best brand consultant in Miami


As part of our multi-faceted marketing services, we are able to offer a truly comprehensive branding consultant service. Not just the electronic and print media, we are also adept at managing the evolving and deeply effective world of digital marketing. To know more about our services, call or contact us.